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About us

Eric Bone, founder of Meridian Geographics, is an expert navigator and accomplished adventure racer.  He has been a devotee of the sport of orienteering since 1989.  Eventually, he competed and won a spot on the U.S. National Orienteering Team.  He has been a member of the national team for the better part of the last fifteen years competing on the world stage.

Meridian Geographics started as an idea for an urban rogaine set in Seattle.  What is an urban rogaine?  Night & Day Street Scramble is exactly what an urban rogaine is.  Most rogaines are held in undeveloped terrain and are a full 24 hours long.  Night & Day Street Scramble events are limited to 16 hour because pavement is more punishing to the feet than earth.  A rogaine is a kind of orienteering race.  But most people have never heard of rogaines or of orienteering, so it was decided not to call it either one.  Instead Street Scramble was born and trademarked.

After the Street Scramble series, Eric created the BEAST adventure race series and a couple of years later, he added the Northwest Trail Run series.  In 2009 and 2010 a full 24 hour rogaine, the Three15er, was added to the schedule giving people the chance to experience Washington's wonderful terrain.

2011 marks the 9th anniversay of Seattle Night & Day Street Scramble, the 8th year for the entire Street Scramble series, the 7th year for BEAST adventure race series, and the fifth season for Northwest Trails Runs, and the second year for Three15er Rogaine.  2011 is also the year Meridian Geographics will work with Seattle Running Club to produce the Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival and the Vasque Cougar Mountain Trail Running Series.  Meridian Geographics also produces a myriad of navigation classes, camps, and private events.

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